About Satoshis Party


Satoshi’s Party was created with the intention to foster bitcoin and lightning network adoption. We are a bunch of fun guys from Europe working, hacking & hustling online.

Unfortunately, we’re not gifted enough (yet) to contribute to bitcoin core but hey, there is plenty one can do to contribute in other ways. And certainly there cannot be enough online shops accepting lightning. Whether people actually like to spend their sats is a different question but so far, every customer was very satisfied with the payment experience 🙂

However, Satohi’s Party also has another mission: As Michael Saylor and others before him rightfully noticed, there is no turning back with bitcoin. Bitcoin will march on, tik-tok next block making the world better by getting central bank scammers out of business, transaction by transaction. Bitcoin as already won.

This is a jawdropping realization for many. There are two lifes we say, one before bitcoin and one after realizing what bitcoin is.

It is possible to live inside an illusion of fake happiness and fake optimism in the first life. You might be successful and happy about any kind of achievement. But real joy and real optimism can only be experienced after understanding bitcoin.

As a pre-coiner you have little to be happy about and much to worry about. Governments around the world are becoming more totalitarian every year. The masses are sleeping, eating sugar every day and they even advocate for more control and interventionism.

As a pre-coiner the future is hopeless. But once you realize that some crazy kid on the internet has released a code that nobody can shut down, allowing to create digital scarcity, cyber sound money and indestructible trustless network – you discover a new chance. Bitcoin will replace the most criminal organization in the world with an open-source protocol. This mega achievement will be the foundation for a new renaissance. Human progress, culture, technology, arts and science will reach new hights. 

This is what we want to express. The future is bright and promising if we want it to be. We can change things, it’s in our hands. And because this is so great, we think it’s actually time to celebrate. When the world goes full clown-mode you have to use your humor to cope with this tragedy. We have to lead the way and our leadership has to be blessed with sound positivity.

We sometimes don’t allow ourselves to have fun when we are focused on work or other struggles. But we have to enjoy the process and enjoy our time on earth as much as we can.

Satoshi’s Party is a place to remind you to celebrate every now and then. Throw a party, raise a toast, prank someone, share a joke, invite friends over and get messed up, do something out of the normal, inspire others to dance and dance and chant with your loved ones. What a time to be alive, we’ll all see a lot of action and disruption. And we’ll never be drinking again together this young.

And by the way, bitcoin has already won.

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